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The New Wellness is Wellbeing.

Mar 24,2022 | Lever

Coming out of 2021, confined, working from home, and facing months of uncertainty, a focus on emotional well-being, not simply wellness, is required. But what is the distinction?

Debbie Bellenger, M.A. award-winning wellness consultant from Tucson, AZ, is one of the leading specialists in the corporate wellness arena. "Wellness is frequently defined in terms of physicality, although wellbeing is a state of being that encompasses all aspects of good health, which extend far beyond our physique. Many aspects of our lives play a role in achieving a level of well-being. Leaving one out could have a big influence on our overall well-being." These lines are frequently used in our corporate programs, but they are applicable to everyone's life.


What is the definition of a wellness program?

The term "wellness" is frequently used in conjunction with the term "health," as in "health and wellness." It is distinguished by programs that are primarily concerned with physical well-being. The term "wellness" refers to the treatment of bodily disorders or conditions (obesity; high blood pressure; diabetes, smoking).

Weight loss, nutrition, exercise, gym membership, biometric testing, and smoking cessation are among the wellness programs available. In the early 2000s, health and wellness was "the" approach, and programs that followed focused largely on the physical state.